Summer volounteer

Registration for the summer season 2020 is coming soon.

High season for camps at Ransberg is throughout June, July and August. This applies to weekend, week and day camps. The hostel fills up then too, not least during the big events that take place locally. Naturally, we want to maintain the best possible standard at Ransberg, offering our guests the service they have booked. To do this, we need our fantastic volunteers!

It is important that:

  • we maintain a clean, well-kept campsite and clean premises
  • we staff our volunteer-led activities (the Climbing Wall, the Survival Track and the Prehistoric Village)
  • we ensure that our spontaneous activities and canoes are prepared and are of the correct standard
  • we serve cooked meals in the manor
  • we staff and look after our supply centre where all food raw materials are distributed to our camp participants
  • we plan and carry out activities for participants at day camp.

Who for?

  • You want to contribute to children’s and young people’s experiences at Ransberg.
  • You are positive, hardworking and keen to learn.
  • You have completed your first year of upper secondary (gymnasiet) and are at least 16 years old.
  • You can work for at least 2 weeks during our volunteer periods.

What’s involved in being a summer volunteer?

  • You get full board and lodging (shared bedroom) during your stay at Ransberg.
  • You work on average 8 hours/day and have one day off per week.
  • Your work in small patrols that rotate between different areas of work as required.
  • In your application, indicate your preferences regarding what you would like to work with, and mention if there is any work you have to avoid.
  • Volunteers who are swedish citizen, and stay more than three weeks are entitled to be paid SEK 1,000/week. We also meet the cost of the cheapest mode of transport to and from Ransberg within Sweden.
  • Along with the work, there are also joint activities for the volunteer group. And of course there’s time for relaxation and your own activities in your time off.

Categories of work

  • Camp service – Cleaning the ablution blocks, garbage handling, checking guests in and out, staffing our kiosk etc.
  • Hostel service – Checking guests in and out, some cleaning of rooms and common areas.
  • Climbing wall – Looking after and securing the wall.
  • Survival track – Looking after the track and leading groups.
  • Prehistoric village – Leading groups.
  • Supply centre – Staffing, packing and dealing with food distribution.
  • Kitchen – serving – Assisting our chef with cooking and baking, looking after dishwashing and cleaning of the dining room.
  • Sundry – Unexpected situations and special requests occur sometimes. We always solve them!

Every volunteer will do a course in Trygga möten (“Safe from harm”) and get relevant training for the work they will be doing.

Working periods

By about March we will have an idea of the booking situation and what our requirements will be for the summer season at Ransberg. In your application, indicate which weeks you are able to work at Ransberg, as well as the number of weeks you want to work. After that we will recruit volunteers according to our needs and bookings. If you aren’t able to work for a whole week, state this in your application.

Vårfesten 2019

Vårfesten (the spring festival) is Ransberg’s working weekend in preparation for the summer season. We like everyone who has been accepted as volunteers to participate. If you aren’t able to joint us, you must notify us when you have received your acceptance.

You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to work as a volunteer for a period of less than two weeks.