Welcome to Ransberg

Welcome to multifaceted conference centre and campsite at the heart of the province of Värmland. The campsite area is well suited both for large or small camps. We can also offer possibilities for courses and meetings with indoor accommodation for about 110 people. Get in touch and we’ll find the solution that’s best for you.

Ransberg is one of The Temperance Guide and Scout Association’s three sites.



Outdoors, indoors, or a bit of both?

Beside the splendid Ransberg manor there are two drained camping fields for large and small camps. The fields have fresh drinking water, permanent toilets and waste separation facilities. For camp work and fuel, there are well stocked pole and firewood stores right next to the fields. You can enjoy a hot shower in the ablution block just a short distance from the fields.

The dammed pond, filled from the Ranån river, is great for swimming, raft building and practising simple canoeing.

Ransberg’s outdoor stage is located in the lovely Gilwell valley. It is suitable for larger gatherings such as campfires and other activities.

The surrounding area includes wonderful forest, hills, boglands and lakes – fantastic for hikes and nights under the stars. There are a number of fixed windbreaks with views out over the pond.


The following is a list of the activities we offer at Ransberg.

Activity boxes

Ransberg has a large number of prepared spontaneous activities that include all the necessary materials and instructions. There’s something for all ages and sizes of groups. Just collect a box and get started! Most of the activities take about 1-2 hours to complete. Examples of contents of activity boxes are Scout Stratego, a variety of summer games, and different kinds of crafts. Some boxes is availible with instructions in English.

Ball games

There is a football pitch with goals beside the manor house and a beach volleyball pitch alongside the pond. There are two boules pitches by the barbecue cabin. Balls for the different activities can be borrowed from our activity room.


Ransberg has 10 canoes for hire – Canadian – including oars and lifejackets. The canoes are loaded on a trailer and, for an extra charge, our staff can arrange transport of them. Our pond is ideal for practising simple canoeing and lifesaving. The nearby lakes Ransjön and Skalltjärn offer more scope for canoeing, and the Klarälven river has many excellent stretches.

Climbing wall

In our barn there is a rather challenging 8-metre climbing wall. It has holds for four different routes of various degrees of difficulty. Fixed ropes along the wall and harnesses ensure safety.

A recent addition is our bouldering wall beside our climbing wall.

Our staff are trained and can give instruction as required. If our visitors are qualified, the wall can be hired without our instructors.


The Klarälven trail is an old railway track that has been made into a cycle track. It stretches from Karlstad in the south to Hagfors in the north and is an excellent, easy track with lots of opportunities for activities and interest along the way. Ransberg has a few bicycles for hire but can also put you in touch with other bike hiring firms. The distance from Ransberg to the Klarälven trail is just over 3 km.


There is fishing in the Ranån river, beside Ransberg, without needing a permit. Ransberg sells permits for fishing in Skalltjärn, about 5 km away. We have basic fishing equipment that you can borrow.

Frisbee golf

Ransberg has a nine-hole frisbee golf course for all ages!

The course takes you round the whole of Ransberg. A perfect tour! At the same time as you enjoy the peace of the countryside, the frisbee golf gives you a real adrenaline kick. The course is available all summer and there are plenty of frisbees for you to borrow.


For anyone who feels like doing an outdoor treasure hunt, there are more than 100 caches hidden around Ransberg. We have sat navs for hire if you don’t have a smartphone.


The local area

The villages of Ransäter, Munkfors, Sunne and Torsby, to name a few, are within cycling distance and offer lots of cultural activities and attractions. Mårbacka (Selma Lagerlöf’s birthplace), Erlandergården and Geijergården in Ransäter. There are lots of great hiking trails in the wonderful forests, which are interspersed with areas that have a rich cultural heritage. Go to Visit Värmland for more information.

Prehistoric village

In our prehistoric village, participants can see how Stone Age people could provide for themselves with food and heat.

The village is a reconstructed settlement for a family, with little buildings and fireplaces, showing how we think people lived and worked in prehistoric times. This activity focuses on cooking, is led by an instructor and takes about 2.5-3 hours.

Survival Track

The survival track is under construction and will be complete by the summer of 2019. More information will be available in the spring. 


Right beside the manor house is our own little bathing area. This is a dammed pond with a little sandy beach and a jetty. In our storeroom you can find inflatable rubber rings for games. The canoes can also be used in the pond. There are other locations for swimming within hiking distance (5 km).


You are welcome to make a hostel booking here at Ransberg. Take a look at
our buildings and contact us for prices and booking information.