Outdoor camp package

The place either for a small troop camp or for a major camp with several thousand participants.

Price: SEK 50/night and person

  • Campsite, access to toilets and hot showers.
  • Poles for building, and firewood.

Campsite accommodation

Our campsite is located in the old industrial community of Ransberg at the heart of the province of Värmland. The manor house, wings, smithies, pond and the impressive barn are at the centre of our site. The camping fields have fresh drinking water, permanent toilets and waste separation facilities. For camp work and fuel, there are well stocked pole and firewood stores nearby, to which you have free access. About 110 indoor beds allow flexible accommodation (extra charge for indoor accommodation).


You collect your raw materials for each day’s camp menu from our supply centre. You cook food in your own camp kitchen. We can lend you half oil drums as well as gas stoves as required. Additional charge for gas. The following meals are included: Breakfast, lunch, fruit, dinner, evening snack. Dessert included on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Selection of activities

  • An 8-metre high climbing wall in our barn, and a bouldering wall (Instructor-led activitie).
  • Survival track (Instructor-led activitie).
  • Activity-box room with more than 30 different spontaneous activities, including materials and instruction.
  • Ten canoes on a trailer (can be transported to nearby watercourses for extra charge).
  • Trails around Ransberg with more than 100 geocaches.

Other facilities at Ransberg

  • Pond for swimming and simple canoeing. 
  • Football and volley ball pitches.
  • Barbecue cabin where you can cook your own food indoors over an open fire.
  • Amphitheatre with a simple stage, for campfires or other activities. Room for about 800 people (benched seating).
  • The barn can be used as a sports hall, cinema (projector and screen available) and for more formal dinners. It accommodates 300 people seated in rows and can be furnished with tables and chairs as required.
  • Nearby hiking trails and the Klarälven trail for 90 km of traffic-free cycling.

You are welcome to contact us for bookings or further information!